“Childhood Is Not For Sale”   |   Jason Frost, Founder Wired Human

Jason Frost has a Master in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and specialization in children and parental rights. Together, with his wife, Lisa, they run the non-profit organization, Wired Human. Wired Human unites youth, families and child advocates to protect children from online harm and exploitation. Wired Human is committed to preserving the innocence of childhood through digital leadership training programs, research surveys, and elevating the voice of youth to advance digital responsibility. As an academic and professional working with youth, he has spent years researching and uncovering exploitive business practices of Big Tech where fundamental human rights and the rights of children and parents are trampled upon in the pursuit to monetize attention. Jason and Lisa co-authored, The Glass Between Us: Empowering Youth to Combat Digital Exploitation. Their work has received endorsements from child and family rights advocate, Warren Binford, members of Congress on both sides of the political aisle (Rep.Adam Smith-D, Rep. Bill Johnson-R), professional mental health experts (Gretchen Blycker), best-selling authors and spiritual leader (Mark Batterson), and internet safety expert (Donna Rice Hughes). Jason also works as a consultant for renowned children’s rights professor Prof. Warren Binford at The University of Colorado. Jason’s greatest passion is to engage parents and kids of all ages in meaningful and transformative live discussions on internet safety and empowerment.