“KEEP NINE: Amend the US Constitution to Keep That Number on the Supreme Court  |  Judge Paul Summers (TN Atty. General, Ret.)

Judge Paul Summers is lawyer who has practiced on the courthouse square of his hometown of Somerville, Tennessee. He has also served as a partner in a “tall building” regional law firm in Nashville. Judge Summers is a former state appellate and senior judge, district attorney general, and Attorney General of Tennessee (1999-2006). His military service includes four years active duty in the USAF JAG Corps and 26 years in the Tennessee Army National Guard. Judge Summers was awarded and presented with the Legion of Merit for his military service.

Several years ago, about fifteen former state Attorneys General convened on a nonpartisan, bipartisan basis to discuss preservation of the independence of our third branch of government. They understood the process and were concerned about our constitutional republic. About half were Democrats and the remainder were Republicans. They formed a grassroots organization, which is now a nonprofit called the Coalition to Preserve the Independence of the U. S. Supreme Court. Their 13 word potential 28th Amendment to the Constitution reads: “The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine Justices.” Judge Summers was appointed Chairman of the Keep Nine Coalition in 2021, after the death of the Chairman, the former AG of Virginia, Andy Miller. Former AG Steve Rosenthal of Virginia is now co-chair.

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