The Tennessee Eagle Forum Foundation is proud to host conferences and workshops that educate the general public on critical issues facing our nation. Listed below are the media archives for our past events including well-known speakers, authors, and public figures covering a wide range of topics. Our resources are made available for free, but we do ask that you would consider making a donation to the Foundation to help recoup the costs of providing this content. Check back soon for our next Tennessee Eagle Forum Foundation event!

Tennessee Eagle Forum Invites You to Join Us for the:

“On Eagle’s Wings 2023 Conference & Banquet”

Saturday, October 21st, 2023 at Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center Frankin / Cool Springs


The 2023 On Eagle’s Wings Conference and Banquet is set for Saturday, October 21st beginning at 9:00am (registration opens at 8:00am).

The 2022 On Eagle’s Wings Conference and Banquet featured 13 incredible speakers covering 13 different crucial topics – all coming together for one incredible day! The keynote address at the evening banquet featured Hans von Spakovsky (Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation) and his presentation, “The Threats We Face to Preserving Our Republic”. Other speakers included Mark Morgan, Dakota Wood, Daniel Schmidt, Jane Robbins, Joanne Bregman, Lacy Tolar, Jason Frost, Frances Arthur, Jaime Christley, Scott Hord, Jenifer Barron, and Billie Cash. Follow the link below to access the media archives for the 2022 On Eagle’s Wings Conference and Banquet.

Whistleblowers: On the Deceptive Agenda Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic was the inaugural event hosted by the Tennessee Eagle Forum Foundation. Held in November 2021,  Whistleblowers featured OSHA experts Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan unmasking some of the hidden agendas behind the policies and practices of the U.S. government as well as the international community in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. The information they presented was not only educational but motivational for those in attendance, offering valuable insights into how to reject and resist the over-reaching and intrusive decisions coming from local and national government leaders. Follow the link below to access the media archives for Whisteblowers: On the Deceptive Agenda Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic.